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Kilfenora Set Instructional Videos

Annotated Kilfenora Plain Set Videos

YouTube Videos with written instructions as the figures are danced by “Sets in Moscow” Mike Didkovsky

Kilfenora Set Figure 1 – Annotated  (reel)
Square the Set, Ladies Chain, Square Half-Way & Lead Back

Kilfenora Set Figure 2 – Annotated (jig)
Alternate Advance-Retire(2) Crossover & Turn the Lady(1) – “threshing”

Kilfenora Set Figure 3 – Annotated (reel)
Opposite Couples Slow Right Turn & Long Swing, Left Turn & Lead Partner Over; Leading Couple Advance-Retire & Both Couples Pass Through

Kilfenora Set Figure 4 – Annotated (reel)

Kilfenora Set Figure 5 – Annotated (jig)

Kilfenora Set Figure 6 – Annotated (hornpipe)

Set Dancing at the Boston Irish Festival – The Kilfenora

Video of Boston area Irish Set Dancers dancing the sixth figure of The Kilfenora Set

The Boston Comhaltas musicians played lively tunes for Irish set dancers at the 2013 Boston Irish Festival in Canton on the grounds of the Irish Cultural Centre of New England. This is The Kilfenora Set – sixth figure, the hornpipe. It was great to see some beginner set dancers give it a try and to re-connect with set dancers from various groups and regions.

So, okay, some of the dancers were confused, but part of the fun of set dancing is helping others learn the dances. And nobody worries if you mess up; it’s not a competition. Here’s how it goes in a video of the Kilfenora Set Figure 6 with instructions published by Mike Didkovsky. What a find! You can dance along to the calling notes right in the video.

Short Notes for the 6th Figure of the Kilfenora

All: Circle AR(2)* & Swing
All: Kerry Body;** Circle AR(1) & Ladies Pinwheel*** 3/4 of the way (to 3rd gent) & Swing
All: Kerry Body; Circle AR(1); Ladies move on 3/4 & Swing
All: Kerry Body; Circle-AR; Ladies Pinwheel 3/4 & Swing
All: Kerry Body; Circle-AR; Ladies Pinwheel 3/4 to home & Swing
All: House to finish

Decode the Cryptic Short Notes

*AR: Advance & Retire (2 = 2 times or 8 bars; 1 =1 time or 4 bars)

**Kerry Body (aka Quarter-House): “keep waltz hold, couples dance 1 step into the set and 1 step back to place then turn 2 steps on to the next place on their R (4 bars). They repeat this movement into each place and back home” (excerpt from Set Dancing News study notes). Or, “in-2-3 stomp; out-2-3 and turn-2-3 and into place.”

*** Pinwheel: “ladies take R hands in the centre and wheel around to fall in beside the gent to the R of their starting position (4 bars)” (excerpt from Set Dancing News study notes). Or, “ladies right-hand star; count the gents and stop at the 3rd gent (not counting your starting position).”